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Quality Eyeglass Lenses in Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to VisionMakers Pittsburgh



We feature a quality selection of fashionable eyeglasses and premium lenses. Serving the Pittsburgh area, our office is conveniently located at the Carpenter’s building at 650 Ridge Road, Suite 100 in Pittsburgh.

Our optical staff looks forward to helping you select the best eyewear for your vision prescription, lifestyle requirements, and unique fashion taste! Eyeglasses need to give you sharp vision and a flattering look for your face.

All patients, new and returning, are treated with patience and no pressure to reach a hasty decision. Superior customer service is our goal, and we want you to be thrilled with your eyewear and your experience in our Pittsburgh office!

Exceptional Eyeglass Lens Services

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Autograph II

Semi-finished progressives are made when the progressive lens design is cast into a mold, the design is on the front and the patient’s Rx is later ground onto the back of the lens. Made at the lab, Freeform® lenses start from a single vision blank and are ground with precision using special machines. The design and the patient’s Rx are on the back of the lens.

Shamir Autograph II® is available in four fixed fitting heights and takes into consideration the position of the patient’s frame and lenses, as they are worn on their face. In order to provide you a personalized lens, the frame will have some panoramic angle, the lenses will be tilted due to the frame or how you wear your frame and that the lens may be closer or further away from your eye than that measured in the phoropter. Because there is a difference from how a patient sees through a phoropter versus the frame, Shamir can compensate for these differences by utilizing a patient’s “as-worn” measurements. 

Autograph II - Single Vision

Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ provides single vision patients the personal fit they need to experience crisp, clear, uncomplicated vision. That’s because Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™utilizes As-Worn Technology™, so the design is created to accommodate the way you wear your frame of choice (i.e. low on the bridge, high on the bridge, etc).

The Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ design takes into account your personal parameters while wearing your frames, this includes: panoramic angle, pantoscopic tilt and vertex distance. With these added measurements, the final product reflects the Rx needed based on the “as-worn” position of the patients’ frames, not on refracted Rx alone.

It’s like a pair of shoes. If you’re a size 9.25, why would you want to squeeze your foot into a size 9 shoe if you knew you could get a size 9.25 shoe? This is the same personalization Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ provides for your patients, except for their eyes.

The benefits

  • Fully aspheric back-surface lens
  • Personalized with As-Worn Technology™                           
  • Designed with EyePoint Technology®

Why patients need it...

  • Personalized Single Vision lens
  • Aspheric/atoric backside
  • Consistent design in all materials

Spectrum - Single Vision

Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision™ introduces patients to the world of Freeform®. While they do offer a fully personalized single vision lens in the Shamir Autograph III – SV™, some patients just aren’t ready to take the leap into something so revolutionary... for those “non-early adopters” there’s Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision™. Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision™ provides patients a technologically advanced single vision lens that delivers a precise Rx at a price that fits any budget.

The benefits

  • Aspheric/atoric back-surface
  • Priced to fit almost any budget
  • Designed with EyePoint Technology™

Why patients need it...

  • Introduces “non-early adopters” to Freeform®
  • Delivers a precise Rx for every patient
  • Consistent in all materials

Computer and Workspace

Shamir’s new family of high quality Freeform® occupational lenses is a benefit to both opticians and patients. It offers the perfect customized solution whether the patient needs to concentrate on close work at the computer while keeping near surroundings precisely in focus, or works at the computer while also focusing on mid-distance workspace. Now with two options, Shamir Computer™and Shamir WorkSpace™, it’s faster and easier than ever to order the perfect patient solution.

One of the most common complaints in today’s workplace is Computer Vision Syndrome, the orthopedic problems that result from prolonged muscle strain due to attempts to achieve optimal eye-screen interaction. With Shamir Computer™ and Shamir WorkSpace™, presbyopic computer users no longer need to lift their head to see the computer clearly, as with progressive lens designs, or bend their neck to peer over the top of reading glasses. Every wearer of the new advanced Shamir occupational lenses can hold their head and neck in a natural comfortable position while enjoying perfect focus.

OPTION 1: Shamir Computer™

For those focused on immediate surroundings

When focusing on a computer and its near surroundings is a top priority, Shamir Computer™, an advanced Freeform® lens, provides a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to 5ft. – a far greater depth of field than that offered by conventional reading lenses.

Shamir Computer™ is ideal for those patients working on a computer throughout the day, especially those working with multiple monitors. It is important to understand that Shamir Computer™ serves other occupations as well, because it provides clear vision for any task performed within 5ft.

Below is a list of occupations that may benefit from Shamir Computer™:

  • Lab Technician             
  • Pianist                     
  • Accountant
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Graphic Designer

OPTION 2: Shamir WorkSpace™

Sharp focus for dynamic workers

Shamir  WorkSpace™ is the best solution when priority focus is both mid-distance and near viewing. Offering a greater depth of field, up to 10ft., this advanced and highly sophisticated Freeform® lens design, allows movement within the workspace and sharp vision whether the required focus is on the desk or a colleague across the room.

If working on near tasks and interacting with employees or presenting to groups fall within the patients daily tasks, Shamir WorkSpace™ is the ideal solution. It is also the best occupational solution for those who are actively moving around their workplace throughout the day, providing clarity for those tasks performed within 10ft.

Below is a list of occupations that may benefit from Shamir WorkSpace™:

  • Florist
  • Sales Clerk
  • Nurse
  • Chef
  • Receptionist
  • Optician


Shamir Relax™ - no, it’s not a lens infused with caffeine and it doesn’t come with a lifetime supply of coffee either. But it does ease the strain normally associated with prolonged accommodation. If you spend the majority of your workday reading or using a computer to complete tasks, the muscles in their eyes are constantly working to focus on these near and mid-range objects, ultimately resulting in visual fatigue. With Shamir Relax™, our mensa-like scientists have incorporated extra ADD Power in the lower part of the lens, so the eye muscles don’t have to work as hard at accommodating. It’s a single vision fatigue relief lens that relieves strain on the eye muscles and leaves you feeling more energized and refreshed at the end of the day. 

The benefits

  • Fatigue relief solution for single vision patients
  • No distortion or swim
  • Reduces lens accommodation by up to 30%
  • Designed with EyePoint Technology®


Why patients need it...

  • Prevents symptoms brought on by visual fatigue
  • Perfect for tasks completed from near to mid-range distance
  • Suitable for non-prescription patients who experience visual fatigue
  • Fast and easy adaptation

Minimum Fitting Height

  • 16mm

Eyezen computer glasses slide


Glasses Lens Technology for the Eyes

Digital devices and usages are increasing the demands on our eyes. Closer and variable reading distances, smaller and more pixelated characters and longer exposure to screen glare are causing tired eyes and potentially exposing our eyes to the longer-term consequences of harmful blue-violet light. As many as three out of four people feel that they suffer from visual fatigue.

Protection Against Blue Light

Eyezen is a new range of lenses designed for a connected life. It draws on extensive Essilor research and includes two important technologies. The first: Eyezen Focus lens technology brings extra power optimized according to wearers’ profiles in the bottom part of the lens to support the eye’s effort in focusing at ultra-near distances that are typical of handheld devices. The second is Light Scan, a unique light filtering technology drawn from Essilor’s landmark Crizal Prevencia innovation, which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

Within the Eyezen range are different types of solution. Essilor Eyezen are new single vision lenses for permanent wear available in different design optimizations. These support eye focusing efforts according to the physiological needs of three age groups (young adults aged 20-34 years, pre-presbyopes aged 35-44 and emerging presbyopes 45-50 years). Varilux Eyezen are new multi-focal lenses for occasional wear specifically designed for the digital activities of presbyopes. They exist in three designs optimized according to type of screen most used - smartphone/tablet, computer or large screen (TV or projector). In addition to existing personalization parameters, Varilux Eyezen lenses also offer an exclusive new personalization parameter - screen distance (vision distance to computer screen) to match individual intermediate vision needs.

Schedule an appointment at VisionMakers Pittsburgh today to find out if Eyezen lenses are right for you. Our optometrists will spend time with you at our Pittsburgh office and show you why Eyezen lenses represent the latest in technological innovation – both relaxing eyes from digital eyestrain and contribute to protecting visual health over the long-term.

Crizal® Lenses UV

VisionMakers Pittsburgh takes pride in being able to provide our patients with the highest quality lenses available on the market. That is why we have chosen Crizal® products to be our exclusive provider of no-glare lenses. Crizal® lenses provide maximum glare reduction, clarity, durability and UV protection. Ask our opticians for available Crizal® lens options. For more information, please visit

TRANSITIONS® Lenses – Go Easy on Your Eyes

Transitions Optical, Inc. has developed the world's most advanced photochromic lens technology—the ability of a lens to darken in the presence of invisible UV light.  Transitions® lenses are the #1 brand of photochromic lenses recommended by eye care professionals worldwide.

Today’s Transitions® offer you more choices than ever before –  choices that keep you comfortable and keep your eyes healthy. Innovative photochromic technologies result in unparalleled lens performance in nearly every lens design and material, including shatter-resistant lenses, bifocals, trifocals, progressives and standard and high-index materials.

Click here to use the Transitions® 360° Virtual Viewer and experience life through Transitions® lenses.

Click here for lots more information about Transitions® lenses!

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