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Located in the Carpenter’s building at Ridge Road in Pittsburgh

Located in the Carpenter’s building at Ridge Road in Pittsburgh

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Optician’s Picks

Here is Betty's Top Frame Pick!

Bettys Top Frame pick Bettys Top Frame pick2

Optician: Betty M.

Frame Pick: Motivate by Kensie

Color: Clear

Size: 51/16 and 53/16

What Betty says about the Motivate by Kensie…

“I chose the Motivate because of the clear color that allows more play with my wardrobe. I’m currently letting my hair go gray and it doesn’t look as stark with my hair and skin tone. The pop of color on the temples keeps the frame from completely disappearing. This frame is very comfortable and fits my bridge perfectly. It is available in two additional colors, brown and blue.”

Here is Jess' Top Frame Pick!

Jess 8×10 Jessica OCT2018 2

Optician: Jess S.

Frame Pick: Fossil 6091

Color: Transparent black

Size: 53/16

What Jess says about the Fossil 6091...

“I love this frame for its chic, yet versatile, qualities. While technically categorized as being a man’s frame, this certainly could be worn by any woman. Many ladies on the market for a new set of frames don’t realize just how many options they have at their disposal. If she so chooses, a woman could opt for a man’s frame without issue, and many certainly do–the men’s section is one of my favorite places in the store to shop for frames to fit my specific tastes. The frame’s transparency is bold yet stylish, certainly meeting today’s current trends, and because of its neutral color, it could be worn confidently with almost any outfit and by any man or woman brave enough to sport a larger, more up-to-the-minute frame!”

Here is Alice’s Top Frame pick!


Optician: Alice C.

Frame Pick: Zac Posen, style Irina

Color: Tortoise

Size: 53/17


What Alice says about the Zac Posen Irina...

“I chose the Zac Posen style, Irina, because of it’s classic tortoise shell style with an eye catching gold accent across the top. It has an understated style that is modern, wearable and comfortable.”

Here is Jessica’s Top Frame Pick!

new IMG 9146 1024×1008

Optician: Jess S.

Frame Pick: Wildflower, style name Flax

Color: Burgundy

Size: 52/16

Jess is Pittsburgh's senior optician and has been with VisionMakers for over 4 years.

What Jess says about the Flax Wildflower...

“I think the Wildflower Flax is a great frame option. Its trendy color along with flattering design makes this frame a very desirable option for most face shapes.

You get the best of both worlds; the advantage of a plastic frame for comfort and thin temples for an overall lightweight feel. The neutral color will match anything and also add a little fun to the frame. With its unique style, I think it is the perfect balance of comfort and class.”