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Sports and Specialty Eyewear

sports glasses Robinson Township PAIf you are serious about your sport or require specialty eyewear for your job or hobby, it’s worth talking with your optometrist about these specific activities. In addition to safety and eye protection, top athletic and occupational performance requires optimal visual acuity as well as a number of other visual functions such as peripheral vision, depth perception and hand-eye coordination. Sometimes color vision, eye tracking, night vision and light adaptation are also critical to performance. Our eye doctor in Robinson Township will be able to do a full assessment of your vision while understanding your personal vision needs in order to recommend the best possible eyewear solution for you. Your eye doctor will need to know the details about the skills required and conditions you face, in order to assess the best performance eyewear for your needs.

While off-the-rack sports or performance eyewear could be sufficient for your needs, if you have particular vision requirements or engage in certain types of activities, you might be a lot better off with personalized eyewear. Every aspect of the glasses from the fit, to the lens tint, to the size and the style can play a role in enhancing your safety, vision and performance, when it’s the right fit. This is why it makes more sense to fit the glasses to the individual rather than the individual to the glasses.

When it comes to sports and performance, your vision should be a given. Our Robinson Township optometrist and opticians can help you find the eyewear that offers the most, comfort, safety, protection and vision enhancement for your particular needs.